The Battle for Sythria


After traveling back from the Monastery, we met with Marlory in his office at the Covenant headquarters. While examining the spell book Leoban took from Meldun, a spell became activated, releasing four shadow creatures into the room.We were able to defeat three before Malory controlled the spell book. The fourth escaped. We heard a great crash in the adjacent room. Leaving Malory in his office to recuperate, we rushed out into the great hall where a giant mechanical construct had bust through the wall and was destroying everything and everyone. We defeated the construct using a deft mix of planning and cunning acrobatics. As Malory rejoined us, we ran outside to find Meldun and his army overwhelming the Covenant’s defenses. We helped hold off the attacks as Meldun and Malory fought. Meldun stabbed Malory with a poisoned dagger. A mysterious elven archmage, Abadon, appeared and teleported us to an inn, deep within the elven kingdom of Corlad.

XP: 1000 each
Treasure: 1000 gp

Notes: The innkeeper in Corlad is Abadon’s brother
Meldun is assumed to have the spell book



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