The Battle for Sythria

Search for Star Nettle - Part One

Abadon placed Malory in a stasis and sent us to Thronshire to find Star Nettler, which would cure Malory of the poison from Meldun’s dagger. Upon arriving in Thronshire, we spoke with Jim Bob the Apothecary, Willie McDepp the magic shop owner and O’Houlihan the Priest, all of whom told us about the town’s children falling ill with a strange coma. The towns people believed that this same Star Nettle for which we searched would heal their children; however, the Duke of Thronshire had been hoarding all of it. We spoke to the Duke, whose daughter had also fallen ill. He sent us to check on a farm that he alleged had been taken over by Hobgoblins. He promised us Star Nettle in exchange for the favor. Upon arriving at the farm we found a group of rebels who had witnessed the Star Nettle cure one of the sick children. While at the farm we were confronted by six of the Duke’s house guards who claimed someone had alerted the Duke to our colluding with the rebels. We fought the house guards, killing them all. Two of the rebels died in the process.

XP: 600 each



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