The Battle for Sythria

From One Nightmare to the Next

Rael and his team of angels seem wary of our appearance. They take us back to the road and once safely within a carriage, Rael informs us that we have been gone for ten years. During that time, war has broken out on the mortal (Prime Material) plane. Meldun has revealed his true form as Baphomet, demon lord of minotaurs, and has taken up residence in a huge spire over the ruins of the city of Sithria. Rael tells us that the Resistance is losing. Their plan is to find the Septre of Ages to turn back time to before Meldun gave up his soul to become Baphomet, thereby stopping the war before it started. In the Resistance headquarters, the McDepp bothers, Willie and Johnny, equipped us for our quest to find the Septre.

XP: Advance to Level 10
Treasure: Various



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