The Battle for Sythria

Devil's Mark

We followed Rael’s directions to a cave said to be the habitation of the lesser-devil. Initially the cave appeared empty; however, Mazel found a secret door leading into an extra-dimensional space. We observed the lesser-devil behind a force field, seemingly in a trance. Upon entering the room, four shadowy beings appeared. After dispatching them, Illyra shot at the force field, causing the lesser-devil to disappear. The bodies of the shadow creatures reanimated into grotesque versions of the town’s children who had been possessed by the lesser-devil. With some challenges, primarily in overcoming fears of hurting the children, we killed the reanimated creatures. The lesser-devil appeared amongst us in the room. Before the fight could get off the ground, Cal color sprayed the lesser-devil, who disappeared in an inky cloud that stained us all, save Leoban, with the devil’s mark.

XP: 1200 each
Treasure: 2000 gp



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