The Battle for Sythria

Cave of Monsters

We woke up in Hell. Rael appeared to us and told us that he could help get us out. Before he would help us we needed to rescue a scouting party of dwarves. He gave us a three-dimensional compass to guide us. We followed the compass’ direction into a cave where we were attacked by two, five-headed hydras and a ten-headed hydra. After dispatching them, we continued deeper into the cave. In a large chamber, we see the dwarven scouting party in a pit on the opposite side of the room. Between us are two hellhounds and two mantadrakes. Once we killed them, Mazel dispelled the traps in the room and freed the dwarves. The dwarves told us that two demons captured the monsters and placed them in the cave to guard it. Caledrel confirmed that the demons were present during the fight because they were interfering with his spell casting.

XP: 12,000 each
Treasure: 3-D Compass



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