The Battle for Sythria

The Room of Five Doors and Five Dreams

Along with the Dwarves we saved, we tried to leave the cavern the way we had entered, but found the entrance barred with a wall of stone. We turned around to find the cavern changed. The passages wound on, seemingly without end. Screams and moans of pain echoed off the rough stone walls.
Finally, we came to a heave door, scarred with deep gouges, as though some great beast had clawed his way through. Upon entering the room, we were each individually overcome by a vision. The hall before us was full of dwarves gearing for war. Suddenly, the door exploded inward. Teams of creatures spilled into the room. The dwarves managed to hold them off until the second wave, an army of terrifying Illithids, poured in. They overtook the dwarves, turning the able-bodied survivors into thralls and ruthlessly slaughtering the elderly, the women and the children. The vision dissipated, leaving us in the hall with six ghastly remnants of the massacred dwarves. We fought them, defeating four before the last two disappeared. Unfortunately, Caledrel was killed in the struggle and the Dwarven scouting party did not survive the horror of the vision.
We carried on, desperately trying to escape the cave. We came to a circular room, empty save for five doors and a pedestal. Mazel entered a small room behind on of the five doors. The door slammed shut and sealed behind her. Within the room, Mazel was confronted by a vision of her own execution with her brother, Trew, her betrayer, Meldun the executioner. She was beheaded, then expelled from the room as the vision ended.
After exploring alternatives, Leoban, Brutus and Illyra attempted to enter one of the five doors simultaneously. Each were cast into their own visions. Illyra faced a mirror, her own exquisitely beautiful face staring back at her. The reflection began to move towards her, succumbing to age with every step. Just before the door behind her opened, Illyra’s reflection faded entirely.
In Leoban’s vision, he was forced to stand helpless while an innocent child was harassed before him by a pair of thugs. Unable to step forward to help, the thugs ruthlessly beat the child to death.
We all emerged together in a different room from whence we had come. Mazel bore the scar around her neck from the beheading. Illyra, unknowingly had forever lost her reflection. From the fifth door, a stranger stepped into the room.

XP: None
Treasure: From Caledrel’s body

  • Ring of Faux Focus
  • Wand of Haste (43 charges, 5 rounds/charge)
  • Lesser Rod of “Extend Spell” (3x/day, doubles 3rd lvl or less spell duration)
  • Lesser Rod of “Persistant Spell” (3x/day, 3rd lvl or less spell, all who save, must reroll)



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