The Battle for Sythria


We were awoken from death by General Malory. After being “recruited” into the Covanent, we were sent to a nearby monastery to investigate their recent lack of communication. At the monastery, we encountered three skeletons at the gate and defeated them. The bodies of the monks littered the courtyard. Upon searching the monastery, we found two small gravity elementals. We heard chanting from the next room. Henrik Meldune was casting a spell from a large book. He animated the room’s statues and books, which attacked us. Caledrel, who recognized Meldune, realized we would not be able to best him. Leoban managed to grab the book away from Meldune and bolted from the room with it. Meldune disappeared.

XP: 500 each


After traveling back from the Monastery, we met with Marlory in his office at the Covenant headquarters. While examining the spell book Leoban took from Meldun, a spell became activated, releasing four shadow creatures into the room.We were able to defeat three before Malory controlled the spell book. The fourth escaped. We heard a great crash in the adjacent room. Leaving Malory in his office to recuperate, we rushed out into the great hall where a giant mechanical construct had bust through the wall and was destroying everything and everyone. We defeated the construct using a deft mix of planning and cunning acrobatics. As Malory rejoined us, we ran outside to find Meldun and his army overwhelming the Covenant’s defenses. We helped hold off the attacks as Meldun and Malory fought. Meldun stabbed Malory with a poisoned dagger. A mysterious elven archmage, Abadon, appeared and teleported us to an inn, deep within the elven kingdom of Corlad.

XP: 1000 each
Treasure: 1000 gp

Notes: The innkeeper in Corlad is Abadon’s brother
Meldun is assumed to have the spell book

Search for Star Nettle - Part One

Abadon placed Malory in a stasis and sent us to Thronshire to find Star Nettler, which would cure Malory of the poison from Meldun’s dagger. Upon arriving in Thronshire, we spoke with Jim Bob the Apothecary, Willie McDepp the magic shop owner and O’Houlihan the Priest, all of whom told us about the town’s children falling ill with a strange coma. The towns people believed that this same Star Nettle for which we searched would heal their children; however, the Duke of Thronshire had been hoarding all of it. We spoke to the Duke, whose daughter had also fallen ill. He sent us to check on a farm that he alleged had been taken over by Hobgoblins. He promised us Star Nettle in exchange for the favor. Upon arriving at the farm we found a group of rebels who had witnessed the Star Nettle cure one of the sick children. While at the farm we were confronted by six of the Duke’s house guards who claimed someone had alerted the Duke to our colluding with the rebels. We fought the house guards, killing them all. Two of the rebels died in the process.

XP: 600 each

Search for Star Nettle - Part Two

After joining the Rebel Alliance, we travelled back to town with NewCarl. James O’Henry, the leader of the Rebel Alliance informed us of the plan to take over the Duke’s estate. Under the cover of night, O’Henry’s inside man at the estate let our party into a back entrance. We made our way through the estate to the front gate where we successfully bluffed and subdued the gate guards. We opened the front gate allowing the Rebel’s inside. Our assault was successful. As we gathered the remaining guards along with the estate staff and the Duke, our actions were arrested by the appearance of the angel Rael. Rael informed us of the true plot we had gotten mixed up in. Apparently a great extra-planer battle has been waged between the forces of good and evil, catching the material plane in its wake. Rael claimed that control of the material plane will provide a great advantage to one side. Meldun has been contracted by a Devil leading a significant force for the evil side. In an attempt to make a name for himself, a lesser devil has come to Thronshire and has been trying to telepathically possess the children. Instead of curing the children, as suspected, the Star Nettle for which we and the town’s parents quest, in fact clouds the children’s minds, causing the lesser-devil’s possession to take hold. The Duke has been collecting all the Star Nettle under Rael’s direction to prevent this from happening. Rael’s aim was to convince the lesser devil his efforts were ineffectual so he would leave. Upon observing our actions, Rael developed a new plan, requesting out help in dispatching the lesser-devil. We made arrangements to send Star Nettle and some mystery elixir to Abadon. In return for our help, Rael outfitted us with better equipment.

XP: 500 each
Treasure: Equipement from Rael

Devil's Mark

We followed Rael’s directions to a cave said to be the habitation of the lesser-devil. Initially the cave appeared empty; however, Mazel found a secret door leading into an extra-dimensional space. We observed the lesser-devil behind a force field, seemingly in a trance. Upon entering the room, four shadowy beings appeared. After dispatching them, Illyra shot at the force field, causing the lesser-devil to disappear. The bodies of the shadow creatures reanimated into grotesque versions of the town’s children who had been possessed by the lesser-devil. With some challenges, primarily in overcoming fears of hurting the children, we killed the reanimated creatures. The lesser-devil appeared amongst us in the room. Before the fight could get off the ground, Cal color sprayed the lesser-devil, who disappeared in an inky cloud that stained us all, save Leoban, with the devil’s mark.

XP: 1200 each
Treasure: 2000 gp

The Dark Woods

After leaving the devil’s cave we headed back to the Duke’s estate find Rael gone, so we left town. On the way out of town Willie McDepp waved us down and asked us to deliver an illegal package to his brother, Johnny McDepp, in Corlad. He refused to tell us what the package contained, but paid us extremely well to deliver it hastily. Upon successful delivery, Johnny activated the contents of the package to reveal a door that could both make a portal to his brother’s shop and a portal through time, through to the past or future. We continued to where we left Malory and found him revived, speaking with Rael. Abadon had gone to appeal to the heads of the magic academies for help. Rael left and we told Malory about the McDepps’ portal. Malory needed to go to Pellond, the Elvish capital to convince the King to help in our cause. He sent us into the Dark Woods to aid the town or Corsari, the biggest settlement, with around a thousand people, within the supernaturally dark forest. Living in the forest had always been a challenge due to the aggressive nature of the vegetation. Corsari had been having issues with livestock going missing and the hunters had begun noticing strange behavior in the woodland animals. Malory believed our helping Corsari would garner the favor of Senator Laegel. Upon arriving in Corsari, we sought out Selectman Taylor who sent us to talk with Huntsman Dug. Dug agreed to take us hunting the next morning. On the way to talk to the farmers, we were interrupted by a man whose friends are missing. We searched their houses and found nothing amiss. We headed to the tavern for dinner and to ask the local farmers about their missing cows. Farmer Ed couldn’t tell us about the event of the missing cows, but informs us of a town outsider, Gerrald, who Ed thinks is “weird”. Gerrald’s house appeared unoccupied, but upon entering the house we were ambushed by werewolves. Although we killed the wolves, one of whom was Gerrald, Illyra was bitten and without a cure, would inevitably turn into a werewolf. A search of the house turned up some journals. According to the journals, Gerrald came to Corsari two years ago as a scholar of nature magic. About a year later he began to hear a female voice in his head. The voice told him that everything in Corsari was unnatural and needed to die. He was eventually driven mad by the voice and one night ventured into the forest where he found a lone tree which was the embodiment of the voice. He began worshiping the tree woman, recruiting others into his faith, under the belief that with his dedication he could bring her back. They brought her animal sacrifices and she made Gerrald and his followers into werewolves to more effectively hunt. In moments of lucidity, he speculated that she was a lost dryad.

XP: 6,200 each
Treasure: 10,000 gp

Deeper into the Dark Woods

We found the dryad grove and were immediately immursed in combat with two were bears, a weretiger and a were boar. While recovering from the first fight, the dryad stepped from the first tree, accompanied by four Fellnight Spriggans. Although Leoban was slain, we bested the Vampiric Dryad. Upon the dryad’s death, Illyra’s lycanthropy was cured and the surviving members of the party noticed an elaborate addition to their demon tattoos. We all pitted in to have Leoban resurrected.

XP: 5,000 each
Treasure: 6000 gp (minus 1000 gp for Leoban’s resurrection, each)

The Family

We took about a week to reach Malory in Pellond. We gave him Leoban’s body, but Leagel demanded to pay for his resurrection. Malory informed us about an assassination attempt on the King of Pellond. He assumed it was probably Meldune. The attempt happened in the King’s throne room during the day. A formless being melded out of the shadows and flung a shadow-dagger at the King. One of the King’s guard flung himself in front of the King. The guard was killed and both he and the dagger disappeared. Malory wanted us to gather information about the assassination from the major crime families in the city. In Pellond, magistrates and guards did not typically interfere with organized crime, but the new chief of the guard, with the backing of certain Senators (not including Laegel), recently decided to crack down on organized crime. The two major crime families were the Corels and the Dos Santos. Malory suspected that the assassination attempt may have been the Corels. Following Malory’s lead, we headed into Corel territory intending to infiltrate the organization by acquiring jobs with the family. Willie McDepp, who travelled to Pellond with Malory, gave each a pair of boots to help with our mission. After asking around in Corel territory, we came across a man named Jimmy, who we presumed worked for the Corel family. Jimmy sent us on a mission to search an abandoned warehouse.

At the warehouse, we were ambushed by assassins, a half-orc wizard and gladiators. We killed everyone except the wizard, who we captured and questioned. In return for his release, he told us the Corels hired him to kill us. Also, a hooded figure paid him to present an opportunity to slip Mazel a note from her brother and keep her alive. Mazel’s brother’s note informed her that she was fighting for the losing side and offered to join her as a team. She chose not to share the contents of the note with the rest of the party.

XP: 2560 each
Treasure: 500 gp each

From Willie McDepp:

  • Glove of Storing (Cal)
  • Boots of Striding & Springing (Leoban) – +5 to Acrobatics; +10 Speed
  • Jaunt Boots (Mazel) – 3x/day, move 15 ft instead of 5 ft step without provoking
  • Haunted Boots (Illyra) – 2x/day, d4 Silent Servants for 3 hours or 1/day 3 mins concealment
  • Nightmare Boots (Brutus) – Concealment on runs and charges; 3x/day boots smoke, granting concealment; 1/day boots catch fire, dealing 2d6 to creatures within 5 ft.

From Half-Orc Wizard’s Apartment:

  • 5 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • 3 Potions of Invisibility
  • 2 Small Viles of Essence of Shadow
  • 2 Scrolls of Fly
  • Amulet of Natural Armor +1
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • +1 MW Shields with Spikes (2)
  • +1 Breastplates (2)
The Wizard's Loft

We arrived at the Half-Orc Wizard’s loft. Mazel discovered multiple traps in the door. Upon entering the apartment, magical darkness enveloped the room. Illyra banished the darkness with daylight. A swarm of tiny monkeys attacked Leoban, effectively removin him from the combat. Meanwhile, three shadowdeamons attacked us from within the apartment. We managed to kill two of the demons, but one escaped. We then looted the wizard’s apartment.

XP: 5,440 each
Treasure: 5,000 gp each

  • Bag of Holding
  • Ring of Ki-Mastering (Leoban) – Store 2 Ki points in the ring with a swift action can either
  • with 1 Ki point: +2 bonus to CMD vs. grapple, reposition and trip
  • with 2 Ki points: reduce the number of Ki points required to use a ninja trick or Ki ability
    by one
  • Ring of Force Shield (Mazel) – Generates heavy shield shape and sized force-field, no encumberment
    Can be turned on or off as free action.
  • Faux Focus (Cal) – At will designate one visible opponant as particularly scary, at will change to
    new enemy. +2 to AC & Saves vs them.
  • Transposition (Illyra) – Link to non-magic ring. Can change place with second ring wearer as free
    action 1/day within 800 ft.
  • Ring of the Ram (Brutus – SOLD) – Ram head strikes single target dealing d6/charge. Ranged attack
    with 50 ft range. 50 lifetime charges.

After leaving the half-orc Wizard’s loft, we met back up with Malory, who informed us that the King’s would-be assassin had been caught. We all went to the jail to question him. Upon arriving at the jail, Illyra noticed a connection between the assassin and Mazel. The assassin, Trew, reveals that he is Mazel’s brother. He claims that Malory’s side will lose the upcoming war, that he has seen prophecies revealed and believes in the power of Meldune. He explained that the demons and devils, who have always previously been focused on fighting each other, are united. They are waging war on our realm in order to assume the center of magical power that resides there. After saying his piece, Trew vanished from his cell. The King burst into the room finding the guard’s keys on the ground near Mazel. He assumed that we aided Trew’s escape. We were separated from Malory and arrested. Against our best judgement, we split the part. Mazel, Illyra and Brutus decided to escape, while Cal and Leoban chose to remain under arrest. Disguised as a guard, Illyra led Brutus out of the prison while Mazel snuck out behind them. Cal and Leoban were held and questioned for three days before being brought to trial. At the trial, they attempted to prove their innocence, but the court had already determined their fate. Realizing the court’s bias, Cal and Leoban turned invisible and escaped custody. A few days later, Malory escaped and met up with us. He told us that a scout was following Trew and that we should go after him. Upon catching up to Trew’s most recent camp, a searing pain overwhelmed us. When we came to, the world around us was consumed in flame and inhabited by demons. We were in hell.

XP: None
Treasure: None


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