The Battle for Sythria

Search for Star Nettle - Part Two

After joining the Rebel Alliance, we travelled back to town with NewCarl. James O’Henry, the leader of the Rebel Alliance informed us of the plan to take over the Duke’s estate. Under the cover of night, O’Henry’s inside man at the estate let our party into a back entrance. We made our way through the estate to the front gate where we successfully bluffed and subdued the gate guards. We opened the front gate allowing the Rebel’s inside. Our assault was successful. As we gathered the remaining guards along with the estate staff and the Duke, our actions were arrested by the appearance of the angel Rael. Rael informed us of the true plot we had gotten mixed up in. Apparently a great extra-planer battle has been waged between the forces of good and evil, catching the material plane in its wake. Rael claimed that control of the material plane will provide a great advantage to one side. Meldun has been contracted by a Devil leading a significant force for the evil side. In an attempt to make a name for himself, a lesser devil has come to Thronshire and has been trying to telepathically possess the children. Instead of curing the children, as suspected, the Star Nettle for which we and the town’s parents quest, in fact clouds the children’s minds, causing the lesser-devil’s possession to take hold. The Duke has been collecting all the Star Nettle under Rael’s direction to prevent this from happening. Rael’s aim was to convince the lesser devil his efforts were ineffectual so he would leave. Upon observing our actions, Rael developed a new plan, requesting out help in dispatching the lesser-devil. We made arrangements to send Star Nettle and some mystery elixir to Abadon. In return for our help, Rael outfitted us with better equipment.

XP: 500 each
Treasure: Equipement from Rael

Search for Star Nettle - Part One

Abadon placed Malory in a stasis and sent us to Thronshire to find Star Nettler, which would cure Malory of the poison from Meldun’s dagger. Upon arriving in Thronshire, we spoke with Jim Bob the Apothecary, Willie McDepp the magic shop owner and O’Houlihan the Priest, all of whom told us about the town’s children falling ill with a strange coma. The towns people believed that this same Star Nettle for which we searched would heal their children; however, the Duke of Thronshire had been hoarding all of it. We spoke to the Duke, whose daughter had also fallen ill. He sent us to check on a farm that he alleged had been taken over by Hobgoblins. He promised us Star Nettle in exchange for the favor. Upon arriving at the farm we found a group of rebels who had witnessed the Star Nettle cure one of the sick children. While at the farm we were confronted by six of the Duke’s house guards who claimed someone had alerted the Duke to our colluding with the rebels. We fought the house guards, killing them all. Two of the rebels died in the process.

XP: 600 each


After traveling back from the Monastery, we met with Marlory in his office at the Covenant headquarters. While examining the spell book Leoban took from Meldun, a spell became activated, releasing four shadow creatures into the room.We were able to defeat three before Malory controlled the spell book. The fourth escaped. We heard a great crash in the adjacent room. Leaving Malory in his office to recuperate, we rushed out into the great hall where a giant mechanical construct had bust through the wall and was destroying everything and everyone. We defeated the construct using a deft mix of planning and cunning acrobatics. As Malory rejoined us, we ran outside to find Meldun and his army overwhelming the Covenant’s defenses. We helped hold off the attacks as Meldun and Malory fought. Meldun stabbed Malory with a poisoned dagger. A mysterious elven archmage, Abadon, appeared and teleported us to an inn, deep within the elven kingdom of Corlad.

XP: 1000 each
Treasure: 1000 gp

Notes: The innkeeper in Corlad is Abadon’s brother
Meldun is assumed to have the spell book


We were awoken from death by General Malory. After being “recruited” into the Covanent, we were sent to a nearby monastery to investigate their recent lack of communication. At the monastery, we encountered three skeletons at the gate and defeated them. The bodies of the monks littered the courtyard. Upon searching the monastery, we found two small gravity elementals. We heard chanting from the next room. Henrik Meldune was casting a spell from a large book. He animated the room’s statues and books, which attacked us. Caledrel, who recognized Meldune, realized we would not be able to best him. Leoban managed to grab the book away from Meldune and bolted from the room with it. Meldune disappeared.

XP: 500 each


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