The Battle for Sythria

The Wizard's Loft

We arrived at the Half-Orc Wizard’s loft. Mazel discovered multiple traps in the door. Upon entering the apartment, magical darkness enveloped the room. Illyra banished the darkness with daylight. A swarm of tiny monkeys attacked Leoban, effectively removin him from the combat. Meanwhile, three shadowdeamons attacked us from within the apartment. We managed to kill two of the demons, but one escaped. We then looted the wizard’s apartment.

XP: 5,440 each
Treasure: 5,000 gp each

  • Bag of Holding
  • Ring of Ki-Mastering (Leoban) – Store 2 Ki points in the ring with a swift action can either
  • with 1 Ki point: +2 bonus to CMD vs. grapple, reposition and trip
  • with 2 Ki points: reduce the number of Ki points required to use a ninja trick or Ki ability
    by one
  • Ring of Force Shield (Mazel) – Generates heavy shield shape and sized force-field, no encumberment
    Can be turned on or off as free action.
  • Faux Focus (Cal) – At will designate one visible opponant as particularly scary, at will change to
    new enemy. +2 to AC & Saves vs them.
  • Transposition (Illyra) – Link to non-magic ring. Can change place with second ring wearer as free
    action 1/day within 800 ft.
  • Ring of the Ram (Brutus – SOLD) – Ram head strikes single target dealing d6/charge. Ranged attack
    with 50 ft range. 50 lifetime charges.



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