The Battle for Sythria

A Stranger and An Exit

We determined that the stranger, Clint Boldthorne was an ally. We proceeded into the next room where a herd of mimics attacked us. After killing them, we started down the next hallway and were confronted by a face in a door who spoke a warning. We ignored the warning and openned the door. Despite injuring us, the door opened to reveal a great, sparking ball of energy in the center of a large room. A pair of wizards stood on the other side of the room. From out the energy ball, shadowy representations of our own physiques stepped out of the ball. Brutus turned on us, allying with the shadow figures. We fought and killed our false selves. The wizards dove into the ball as the room collapsed into itself. We were thrust out onto a field, quite similar to that in which we last found ourselves in the world. A squad of angels appirated around us. Rael stepped forward and exclaimed, “Where the fuck have you been?!”



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