The Battle for Sythria

The Family

We took about a week to reach Malory in Pellond. We gave him Leoban’s body, but Leagel demanded to pay for his resurrection. Malory informed us about an assassination attempt on the King of Pellond. He assumed it was probably Meldune. The attempt happened in the King’s throne room during the day. A formless being melded out of the shadows and flung a shadow-dagger at the King. One of the King’s guard flung himself in front of the King. The guard was killed and both he and the dagger disappeared. Malory wanted us to gather information about the assassination from the major crime families in the city. In Pellond, magistrates and guards did not typically interfere with organized crime, but the new chief of the guard, with the backing of certain Senators (not including Laegel), recently decided to crack down on organized crime. The two major crime families were the Corels and the Dos Santos. Malory suspected that the assassination attempt may have been the Corels. Following Malory’s lead, we headed into Corel territory intending to infiltrate the organization by acquiring jobs with the family. Willie McDepp, who travelled to Pellond with Malory, gave each a pair of boots to help with our mission. After asking around in Corel territory, we came across a man named Jimmy, who we presumed worked for the Corel family. Jimmy sent us on a mission to search an abandoned warehouse.

At the warehouse, we were ambushed by assassins, a half-orc wizard and gladiators. We killed everyone except the wizard, who we captured and questioned. In return for his release, he told us the Corels hired him to kill us. Also, a hooded figure paid him to present an opportunity to slip Mazel a note from her brother and keep her alive. Mazel’s brother’s note informed her that she was fighting for the losing side and offered to join her as a team. She chose not to share the contents of the note with the rest of the party.

XP: 2560 each
Treasure: 500 gp each

From Willie McDepp:

  • Glove of Storing (Cal)
  • Boots of Striding & Springing (Leoban) – +5 to Acrobatics; +10 Speed
  • Jaunt Boots (Mazel) – 3x/day, move 15 ft instead of 5 ft step without provoking
  • Haunted Boots (Illyra) – 2x/day, d4 Silent Servants for 3 hours or 1/day 3 mins concealment
  • Nightmare Boots (Brutus) – Concealment on runs and charges; 3x/day boots smoke, granting concealment; 1/day boots catch fire, dealing 2d6 to creatures within 5 ft.

From Half-Orc Wizard’s Apartment:

  • 5 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • 3 Potions of Invisibility
  • 2 Small Viles of Essence of Shadow
  • 2 Scrolls of Fly
  • Amulet of Natural Armor +1
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • +1 MW Shields with Spikes (2)
  • +1 Breastplates (2)



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