The Battle for Sythria

The Dark Woods

After leaving the devil’s cave we headed back to the Duke’s estate find Rael gone, so we left town. On the way out of town Willie McDepp waved us down and asked us to deliver an illegal package to his brother, Johnny McDepp, in Corlad. He refused to tell us what the package contained, but paid us extremely well to deliver it hastily. Upon successful delivery, Johnny activated the contents of the package to reveal a door that could both make a portal to his brother’s shop and a portal through time, through to the past or future. We continued to where we left Malory and found him revived, speaking with Rael. Abadon had gone to appeal to the heads of the magic academies for help. Rael left and we told Malory about the McDepps’ portal. Malory needed to go to Pellond, the Elvish capital to convince the King to help in our cause. He sent us into the Dark Woods to aid the town or Corsari, the biggest settlement, with around a thousand people, within the supernaturally dark forest. Living in the forest had always been a challenge due to the aggressive nature of the vegetation. Corsari had been having issues with livestock going missing and the hunters had begun noticing strange behavior in the woodland animals. Malory believed our helping Corsari would garner the favor of Senator Laegel. Upon arriving in Corsari, we sought out Selectman Taylor who sent us to talk with Huntsman Dug. Dug agreed to take us hunting the next morning. On the way to talk to the farmers, we were interrupted by a man whose friends are missing. We searched their houses and found nothing amiss. We headed to the tavern for dinner and to ask the local farmers about their missing cows. Farmer Ed couldn’t tell us about the event of the missing cows, but informs us of a town outsider, Gerrald, who Ed thinks is “weird”. Gerrald’s house appeared unoccupied, but upon entering the house we were ambushed by werewolves. Although we killed the wolves, one of whom was Gerrald, Illyra was bitten and without a cure, would inevitably turn into a werewolf. A search of the house turned up some journals. According to the journals, Gerrald came to Corsari two years ago as a scholar of nature magic. About a year later he began to hear a female voice in his head. The voice told him that everything in Corsari was unnatural and needed to die. He was eventually driven mad by the voice and one night ventured into the forest where he found a lone tree which was the embodiment of the voice. He began worshiping the tree woman, recruiting others into his faith, under the belief that with his dedication he could bring her back. They brought her animal sacrifices and she made Gerrald and his followers into werewolves to more effectively hunt. In moments of lucidity, he speculated that she was a lost dryad.

XP: 6,200 each
Treasure: 10,000 gp



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