The Battle for Sythria


After leaving the half-orc Wizard’s loft, we met back up with Malory, who informed us that the King’s would-be assassin had been caught. We all went to the jail to question him. Upon arriving at the jail, Illyra noticed a connection between the assassin and Mazel. The assassin, Trew, reveals that he is Mazel’s brother. He claims that Malory’s side will lose the upcoming war, that he has seen prophecies revealed and believes in the power of Meldune. He explained that the demons and devils, who have always previously been focused on fighting each other, are united. They are waging war on our realm in order to assume the center of magical power that resides there. After saying his piece, Trew vanished from his cell. The King burst into the room finding the guard’s keys on the ground near Mazel. He assumed that we aided Trew’s escape. We were separated from Malory and arrested. Against our best judgement, we split the part. Mazel, Illyra and Brutus decided to escape, while Cal and Leoban chose to remain under arrest. Disguised as a guard, Illyra led Brutus out of the prison while Mazel snuck out behind them. Cal and Leoban were held and questioned for three days before being brought to trial. At the trial, they attempted to prove their innocence, but the court had already determined their fate. Realizing the court’s bias, Cal and Leoban turned invisible and escaped custody. A few days later, Malory escaped and met up with us. He told us that a scout was following Trew and that we should go after him. Upon catching up to Trew’s most recent camp, a searing pain overwhelmed us. When we came to, the world around us was consumed in flame and inhabited by demons. We were in hell.

XP: None
Treasure: None



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